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Do You Celebrate Your Customers and Support Those Who Serve Them?

Tuesday, October 6 is CX Day!

What is CX Day? First you must know that CX is short for Customer Experience.  And, CX Day is a global celebration of companies and people who are delivering highest-quality experiences to customers.  The day was the brainchild of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), "The premier global non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and cultivation of the Customer Experience profession." 


According to the CXPA, "CX Day celebrates the rising importance of customer experience to companies, by highlighting the efforts of all customer experience professionals who raise the bar for achievement and innovation in the CX field. CX professionals will gather throughout the world to celebrate the customer and the efforts set forth to serve the customer."

From CSE, we encourage you and your teams to recognize CX Day too- if even for a brief moment- to collectively celebrate your CX efforts and the impact you have on your customers.  Whether your customers are passengers, patients, students, consumers, colleagues, clients, citizens, residents, or puppies; here are some ideas to help celebrate:

  • Invite customers to come in celebrate the day with employees
  • Send hand-written thank you notes to your employees, thanking them for taking such great care of customers
  • Buy the office pizza for lunch and brainsorm ideas to improve your customer experience
  • Create a movement to flood the company with recognitions and rewards from top contributions to customer service to the person who parked the furthest from the entrance.
  • Inspire and promote a colleague recognition initiative leading up to the day where each employee is encouraged to show recognition and/or gratitude to someone else in the company through their own creative way.

Be on the lookout for celebrations across the world and throughout the CX space on Tuesday.  And thanks, in advance, for being so great to your customers.

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