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Does Your Organization Invest in Your Customer Experience?

customer experience mystery shoppingSome organizations lament, “We can’t afford to spend money on our customer experience; we have employees, suppliers and rent to pay.”  In this economy, organizations- especially airports- can’t afford not to invest in the customer experience. In this environment, organizations have to earn their customers’ business.  

Gathering customer data about what their experiences have been with your brand or airport is crucial to determining what you are doing that will keep passengers coming back and what is pushing them away.  Mystery shopping is a method precisely designed to collect this information and offers the only true measure of a person’s experience with your brand.  And, it is cost effective!

Check out our article on mystery shopping and why your organization should add it to your mix:  

If you have already engaged in a mystery shopping program, has it provided valuable, actionable data to improve your customer’s experience? 
Our client, University of Maryland University College (UMUC), improved their overall customer satisfaction scores by using mystery shopping to support their service culture. Mystery shop scores increased by 73.3% over the course of one year! Read more about thier success HERE.

Just getting started?  Use our Sample Airport Mystery Shopping Form- complete with instructions- to begin!

sample airport mystery shop form airport mystery shopping