Become A Mystery Shopper

Apply to shop for CSE and help clients measure their service experience!

Apply to Shop in 4 Easy Steps:

  2. TESTING: As part of the testing process, potential shoppers write a sample narrative of a recent service experience. The sample narrative should "tell the story" of the service experience while shopping. Mystery shoppers we utilize are selected based on detailed narratives with correct grammar and LOTS of details.
  3. VERIFYING: In order to apply to be a mystery shopper with CSE, shoppers MUST sign an Independent Contract Agreement (ICA). This verifies that shoppers agree with this type of beneficial working relationship as an Independent Contractor.
  4. PROFILING: New shoppers need to complete a shopper profile in eView®. Sometimes clients want specific shoppers to complete shops. The more information given, the better coordinators can match shoppers to available shops open.

Any questions about the application process, please contact us