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eC2®: Unlock the Code to Delightful Customer Experiences

Posted by Jill Donnelly on February 22, 2012

There are many models and theories of how organizations thrive most successfully with their delivery of service.  All generally agree that to succeed, an organization must have clearly stated expectations.  How these expectations are created, communicated and supported is the crux of whether an organization has delighted employees and customers, or is simply sustaining mediocrity. 

Through years of practical experience working to help client companies improve their service delivery, CSE has developed a model that represents the connections necessary to achieve and sustain unparalleled service delivery; delighting employees and customers alike. 

eC2: Every Connection Counts

eC2®, or every connection counts, is the mantra for developing a culture of service within an organization.  Simply counting on the “front-line” to deliver service no longer works and is no longer a singular solution to service development.  Service, in all of its wonderful iterations, must be delivered and supported from the CEO to the front line, from the buyer to the vendor, and from human resources to accounts payable before it is delivered to customers.   

Delivering great service in an organization means that: 

  • Clear service principles are identified
  • Leadership is engaged and trusted
  • Processes are customer-driven and employee-focused
  • Ongoing learning & development are embraced
  • Communication is honest, consistent and timely
  • Engaged employees connect with the customer–and each other 

Long gone are the days when training the front line in “customer service” adequately addresses a company’s need to please the customer.  These days, companies are much more transparent. Customers demand it.  The whole organization must work together to support and deliver service through clearly defined expectations, supporting leaders, supporting processes, supporting learning and development, supporting communication, and engaged employees. Training, a form of learning and development, is only 1/6th of the equation…   

For example, in working with a recent client, an employee survey revealed that collectively employees felt that they were adequately trained to perform their job function.  However, there were opportunities in communication within the organization as well as obstacles around processes.  By applying eC2®, it was clear which areas needed focus. The organization addressed opportunities with a systematic approach targeting solutions that focused on improving the effectiveness and relevance of their communication efforts and processes. Resources were allocated more effectively and results had greater impact. 

Apply eC2® to your organization and learn where your strengths and opportunities are.  For more information on eC2® and how your organization can improve service delivery through this model, please contact us.