CSE joins MIA for the 7th Annual MIA 100% Pure Miami Service Awards



On December 6, 2018, Customer Service Experts was proud to participate in the 7th annual 100% Pure Miami Service Awards breakfast where exceptional customer service, 100% mystery shops, and dedicated employees were celebrated. The Pure Miami Service Program was created by CSE for Miami International Airport in 2017 providing classroom training, mystery shopping, and consulting to the entire concession program at MIA. Over 90 concession mangers attended the event and awards were given for the highest mystery shop scores, most improved location in each terminal, and the most 100% mystery shop scores in one location.  The prestigious OYA (Own Your Own Attitude) Award was also presented to the location with the highest participation in this successful program.  Congratulations to all the winners!

3 Ideas to Reinforce Cultural Standards

“Extraordinary company cultures don’t happen by accident,” states Fig CEO, Kavon Saber. 

SO HOW DO THEY HAPPEN? Do organizations have the perfect people magically arrive for interviews? Do they shower their employees with extravagant gifts daily? What makes their company culture SO extraordinary? Successful organizational cultures are crafted by DESIGN. I know what you’re thinking… “Design? How does that work?!” We delve into the “how” here, but more importantly, once you design that culture, how do you keep it going strong?