Happy Thanksgiving from Customer Service Experts [CSE]! Thank you for 25 years of support!

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Airport Volunteerism Adds Dimension to Airport Customer Experience

Some are called ambassadors.  Others, tour guides or airport aides.  And yet some are simply referred to as airport volunteers.  Here at my home town airport, BWI, these dedicated and passionate volunteers are referred to as Pathfinders.  No matter the name, we’ve all seen them, been helped by them, or pleasantly greeted by them - the courteous, approachable volunteers strategically standing behind kiosks at the ready, roaming with tablets, and manning welcome desks around busy airport concourses. 

Recomposure Areas Improve Airport Guest Experience

Recomposure area (noun):  an area found at the boundaries of TSA security where one can restore composure or calmness.

Last week while traveling to LAX, I found myself outside the TSA security area leaning against an airport directory trying to fix my sandal strap.  In front of me were a half dozen people juggling carry ons and briefcases, trying to “readjust”themselves post-secuity, with purse straps sliding off shoulders and cell phones tumbling to the floor through open-weave benches. All this “readjustment”happening just as anxiety ramps up to get to our gate on time.  UGH.  No wonder why they call this a “pain point”in travel.