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AIRPORTS:  Summer Family Travel Tips!

Summer is a time to pack up the kids and head out on adventures around the globe visiting families, friends, and new places.  Traveling with children is challenging with potential distractions at baggage, security lines, and maneuvering through hundreds of other travelers. How can you assist in making guest's experiences less stressful?  You have the opportunity to set the tone by providing the first and last memorable experiences of their trip! Here are some tips for helping families take off and land successfully this summer:

Customer Service Experts Presents the 2018 Annual Airport Customer Service Survey Results!

Every year after attending the Airport Revenue News (ARN) conference, CSE analyzes the survey data collected and publishes its annual infographic depicting the results. This infographic not only predicts trends in our industry, but illustrates the ever-growing importance of finding opportunities within organizations to train and develop employees. This investment positively impacts not only your employees, but the passenger experience and your bottom line as well.  

Taking the Mystery Out of Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping has been, well, a mystery to many who hear about it. A mystery shopper is a person who visits an establishment to observe and measure customer service, product quality, and the environment. By measuring the customer experience through mystery shopping, management can use the metrics as a training and developmental tool for coaching and feedback, positively impacting employees, guest experiences, and profitability.  Learn more about the different industries in which CSE performs mystery shops.

Gracias, Merci, Grazie, Arigato, Danke Sehr:  How LAX Says, “Thank You!” to 50,000 Employees

Employee recognition is essential for motivating, retaining, and fully engaging employees. Customer Service Experts (CSE) has been helping clients recognize and reward employees who generate a guest-centric service culture for over 25 years. Recently, we partnered with Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to develop a customized Guest Experience Performance Management Services Program using relevant mystery shopping data and customized iCARE training workshops to educate and encourage employees to provide passengers with a seamless and “LAXceptional Xperience” from curbside to gateside.

Love is in the Air | Airports Spread the Love on Valentine's Day

It’s February and love is in the air, both on the ground and at 10,000 feet!  Airports and airlines across the world are recognizing Valentine’s Day as a perfect opportunity to “show the love” to their customers in a variety of creative ways.  Last year at our own “Balt-amour” International Airport, passengers were treated to everything from flowers and chocolates, to parking and concessionaire discounts. So, don’t hesitate to travel on February 14th.  Instead, get ready to be struck by cupid’s arrow!

Flying into 2018 | Fitness Goals and Travel

Welcome to January – the time for tight pants and tight resolve!  Like us, our resolutions must be able to travel well, and airports are stepping up their game by making healthy choices easier for their guests.  Yoga studios, gyms, cardio tracks, and healthy food options are culminating within travel hubs around the world, helping us keep on track and on time. 

Is A Train-the-Trainer Program Right for Your Organization?

Any training program should impact employees in a lasting way, providing them with immediate tools that can be consistently sharpened throughout their career. Train-the-trainer programs are one method organizations select to ensure their own internal trainers are equipped to seamlessly deliver classroom and on-the-spot training with strategic skills and confidence. By defining needs and delivering training in a streamlined and cost-effective manner, a well-developed training program will impact more than just your guest experience. Through on-demand teaching, mentoring, role-modeling, and encouragement, your employees will create a higher service standard, increasing your guest experience and your bottom line.

Thanksgiving Flying Guide:  7 Things to Know

Thanksgiving recalls turkey, family, football, and stretch pants.  And if you’re one of the 28.5 million passengers expected to fly this holiday week, we at CSE would like to take some stress out of travel this week by reviewing some new airport strategies for getting to the turkey and stuffing ASAP.

Is All Service Measurement Created Equal? Customer Satisfaction Surveys Versus Mystery Shopping

Most organizations realize feedback is necessary when it comes to understanding customer’s needs and wants.  This data becomes an integral part of continually improving and growing any business. Finding the right service measurement strategy for your business will not only improve your customer’s experience, but your bottom line as well.