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Is A Train-the-Trainer Program Right for Your Organization?


Any training program should impact employees in a lasting way, providing them with immediate tools that can be consistently sharpened throughout their career. Train-the-trainer programs are one method organizations select to ensure their own internal trainers are equipped to seamlessly deliver classroom and on-the-spot training with strategic skills and confidence. By defining needs and delivering training in a streamlined and cost-effective manner, a well-developed training program will impact more than just your guest experience. Through on-demand teaching, mentoring, role-modeling, and encouragement, your employees will create a higher service standard, increasing your guest experience and your bottom line.

For any new service initiative to succeed, it is imperative that the newly created standards and behaviors are communicated in an effective and strategic training program where selected trainers are set up for success in teaching and supporting proper methods and expectations to all team members.  CSE’s comprehensive and proven Train the Trainer - ExpertConnect program enables participants to learn new, customized customer service standards and behaviors, training content, as well as trainer/facilitator best practices.  The overall objective is to help your team leaders become experts in delivering and supporting the training workshop and equip them to deliver sustainable training to employees in a consistent and effective manner in the field.  Here are some advantages to CSE’s ExpertConnect program:

  • Trainers become leaders and authorities on knowledge. If you want learners to pay attention, be engaged, and retain information, it’s important they feel like it’s coming from a confident leader and authority in the field. CSE will facilitate a program that will prepare trainers to effectively, confidently, and clearly convey information that can be applied immediately to the workplace.
  • Better prepared leaders. Trainers must understand the most effective ways to engage with their audience, not just supply the right answers to questions. With CSE’s program, you’ll have leaders who are better prepared to facilitate processing, thinking, and learning by asking the right questions, fostering thought-provoking conversations, and motivating and encouraging participation.
  • Subject matter mastery and learning theory. ExpertConnect is an excellent program to teach the importance of subject matter mastery, elements of learning theory, and human psychology. Your trainers will have a better understanding of how to appeal to a diverse learning audience and make content memorable so it can be directly and immediately applied to the workplace. New trainers will gain a strong foundation in critical training skills and seasoned trainers will be introduced to new approaches for delivering even more impactful training.
  • A team of instructors.  Instead of relying on one individual leading a lengthy training process, CSE helps you build a team of instructors and leaders that allow your training initiatives to be accomplished in a shorter amount of time. The team also becomes a support system for each other as they learn and tweak their approaches through engaging with each other and conducting peer evaluations.

CSE’s ExpertConnect program allows you to spread knowledge more efficiently among your staff and capitalize on teaching methods that help employees retain information and apply it immediately to the workplace.  An article posted in the Houston Chronicle regarding train-the-trainer programs states, "Instructors learn to lead discussions, listen effectively, make accurate observations and help participants to link training to their jobs. They learn to maintain eye contact, maintain a positive attitude, speak in a clear voice, gesture appropriately, and maintain interest and dispel confusion." Even with this intuitive method, there are certain things to keep in mind when beginning the process:

  • Select the right individuals to train.  This training allows you to address many employees while staying in budget, and more trainers translates to less travel since employees can learn from their local trainer. All this only works efficiently, however, when you select the right person to train. Make sure you look to authentic, positive leaders within the organization when selecting your team of trainers.
  • Be prepared for mistakes.  Train-the-trainer is a learning process and it is imperative to allow enough time for preparation, practice, failures, and successes. As with any learning process, if you don't allow for mistakes, trainers may become discouraged and hesitant to continue training.
  • Accept constructive criticism.  Whether you're giving it or taking it, constructive criticism is a large part the train-the-trainer process. From the presenter of the program to each trainee, constructive feedback and the ability to act upon it is integral for the program’s success
  • Track results.  Nothing is more encouraging than seeing results.  Use analytics to show not only progress, but areas of opportunity. CSE’s program incorporates tracking methods and rewards and recognition programs to encourage positive results and friendly competition. 

For any customer experience service training initiative to succeed, it is imperative that team trainers are groomed for success in championing and leading by example.  A comprehensive train-the-trainer program will prepare trainers to deliver training content successfully, and arm them with skills and confidence. CSE’s ExpertConnect program is designed to teach your selected trainers best-practice training competencies that are modeled by CSE professional certified trainers. Our mission is to speed up the training development process by helping you create a self-sustaining program based on highly interactive, learner-focused workshops that provide the latest tools and techniques to connect with your employees, improve guest experiences, and impact your bottom line.

CSE’s Train the Trainer - ExpertConnect program’s objectives include:

  • Delivering new, customized customer service standards and behaviors
  • Learning training/facilitation techniques to effectively communicate content to front line staff
  • Developing and encouraging positive training/facilitation best practices
  • Focusing on the essential skills to transfer knowledge to adult learners
  • Practicing facilitating content in small groups
  • Receiving peer and instructor feedback
  • Committing to your success by tracking your progress

For further information on CSE’s Train the Trainer - ExpertConnect program, contact Patty Thompson, Director of Talent and Learning Development at Patty@CustomerServiceExperts.com.