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Happy Halloween From Customer Service Experts

Teams that PLAY together STAY together. 

Creating a cohesive, productive team is no easy task-yet it can be accomplished when you keep your eye on the goal. Virtues such as trust, communication, contribution, collaboration and passion are all essentials for team building.  But what about team strengthening? 

At CSE, we have built a top-notch team of experts, and we work at strengthening that team every day.  How you ask?  Well, this week, we worked on the fun aspect of our team.  It is Halloween week afterall. 

CSE's Annual Halloween Party

and Costume Contest was a hit!


Teams that play together stay together.  And at CSE, we celebrate together.  This week, it was our Annual Halloween Party and Costume Contest. 

It has been our tradition for over 10 years to have a costume contest (many go all-out), and the office caters lunch for the awards presentation.  Each of us get to vote on the creepiest, funniest, best homemade, most creative and best overall.

This year, a first-timer took the big prize: Best Overall!  Matt, an expert Trainer/Consultant was transformed into pink cotton candy on a stick.  We are all very proud of him :-) and he was "tickled pink"!

This is one of the best team strengthening events we have all year (disguised as a party).  And there are many great ones to keep our team playing together.  We work hard each and every day to help our clients improve their employee and customer experiences-and then we celebrate.

How do you strengthen your teams?

Let us know in the comments below!