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DiSC To Help Your Airport Employees Soar

We’ve all taken them...those quick little surveys in magazines or on-line that try to pin-point whether we are compatible with our partner, getting enough Vitamin B, or ready to invest in the stock market.  Human nature makes us totally intrigued with wanting to know where we stand on thThinking Womane bell curve of normality...and how we can move ourselves toward the right on that curve in spaces such as relationships, nutrition and finances.  Oftentimes the results may cause us to change our lives, hopefully for the better: you’re a Pisces, he’s a Libra-not gonna work!  Bake broccoli into your brownies to get more vitamin B, and buy low/sell high to beat the stock market.  Easy.  All fixed…congratulations, you are now a success!

Ok, so how about using a similar survey to pin-point your behavior style, communication skills, priorities, and effectiveness?  Identifying these personality traits is a bit more complicated, yet it can be done.  DiSC personality assessments have, dare I say, much greater scientific success than their distant tabloid relatives.

Everything DiSC Workplace MapDiSC personality assessments are based on years of research and offer participants the opportunity to build more effective relationships-at work and at home-by further understanding yourself and how you relate to others.   Better yet, the learning from DiSC personality assessments helps you to better understand others’ styles and adapt yours to be a more effective communicator and relationship builder- it helps you and your team soar.  When a tool comes along that not only tells us about ourselves, but also makes that leap into helping us understand how we relate to others, and then goes even a step farther to helping us understand others better…now THAT is life changing!

Think about your airport, your restaurant, your factory or your office. Do you have groups of people working in various departments that all need to work together to get the job done?  DiSC can help make that happen!  

At CSE, we took our own medicine and incorporated DiSC personality assessments into our individual development plans.  Voila!  Lightbulbs went off all through the office-and tension decreased, people started communicating more effectively, and time that used to be spent in confusion and frustration is now spent being creative.  We speak the language of DiSC and have improved our productivity, efficiency, relationships and bottom line.  You can soar by doing the same in your airport organization.  But first, please, put down that magazine!

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