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Happy CX (Customer Experience) Day!


Too often we hear stories about companies that have failed in service.  Recently, a mishap by a Comcast Customer Service representative went viral—thus amplifying the plight of customers subjected to poor service through poor processes and poor employee responses.

Yet, I would imagine that for every poor service experience, there are many more great ones.  And, these great experiences don’t happen by chance. They are usually carefully thought through and executed with painstaking detail.  And, this thinking and painstaking is usually done by a team of people, whose mission is to ensure their organization delivers EXCEPTIONAL customer experiences to each and every customer.

That’s what we do at CSE.  And today we salute those colleagues and organizations who strive for the same.  We are fortunate to work with many super clients and are honored on this second annual CX Day to share two stories of the wonderful customer experiences they deliver.  Read on…


Thompson Creek Window Company

In 2011, THOMPSON CREEK had a change initiative to streamline customer fulfillment in order to better serve our customers by reducing the waiting time between the in home product demonstration (IHPD) and the installation. Our goal was to have our product installed 30 days after the IHPD. Our process was extremely linear, strictly requiring tasks be completed before the next task could start, resulting in inefficiency and downtime between tasks.

THOMPSON CREEK developed and implemented a process improvement whereby independent tasks are completed simultaneously when possible to cut our fulfillment time.  Examples:  Our sales representatives schedule the pre-construction meeting before they leave the IHPD.  At our pre-construction meeting, our measure technician schedules the installation date before they leave the home.  All paperwork is returned to the home office for processing. As a result, we reduced cycle time for customer contracts from an average of 68 days to 30 days. Our Guild Quality project satisfaction rating increased to 95%. Our new customers, repeat customers and employees are all delighted with the reduced wait time and efficient processes. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our business and value the feedback we receive from new customers, repeat customers and our employees.  We are happy to have improved the replacement window experience inside and out!


describe the image

AIRMALL has developed a comprehensive approach to customer service that is universally relevant and applicable to the several different concession concepts at Baltimore Washington International (BWI)—bar/restaurant, quick serve restaurant, news & gift, specialty retail, services, etc.  The airport environment demands a slightly different approach to customer service—one that is respectful of passengers time constraints, yet uniquely responsive to their needs when travelling.  With our partner, we have developed, cultivated and monitored a passenger experience that allows AIRMALL concessions employees to shine as the ambassadors of their city. We are continually thrilled when a passenger takes time out of their busy travel day to let us know when they have been delighted by service that is “above and beyond,” or simply more than they would expect in an airport.

The whole team at CSE is thrilled to celebrate CX Day.  We hope you are too.  The next time you receive great serviceknow that it likely didn’t happen by chance.  It happened because the organization, and it’s people, cared enough to do their very best!


  • CX Day 2014 is sponsored by CXPA: The Customer Experience Professionals Association. CX Day is celebrated internationally with online and in-person educational and networking opportunities. All events are free of charge and open to everyone.  See a schedule of events HERE