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It’s 2013: Do You Have an Organizational Development Strategy?

Worth the EffortThe New Year.  It’s about refreshing, renewing, resetting and reorganizing.  At home, at work, in the car, everywhere.  The best part about the New Year is that we never come upon it with a completely blank slate.  We have the benefit of bringing experience with us into the New Year.  

“…everything has a past. Everything - a person, an object, a word, everything. If you don’t know the past, you can’t understand the present and plan properly for the future.” 
 Chaim PotokDavita's Harp

So, we can keep the processes, relationships, habits, etc. which are working well, and use the New Year as a definitive time to change or drop the ones that aren’t (i.e. wasting time watching TV, eating between meals, opting to buy another pair of shoes rather than putting that money into savings…you know what I mean!).

To be successful at the “new”, we’re going to need a strategy.

Well, the same type of discipline goes for organizations. A sound organizational development strategy will help your organization stay focused and successfully achieve worthwhile goals.  For many, the New Year begins with a new budget, new hires, new roles and new strategies.  At CSE, for example, we have purged what didn’t work and are strengthening what does work for us and our clients: a holistic approach to employee and customer service development.  Our organizational development strategy is focused simply on helping our clients and employees operate more efficiently and productively, while offering better service throughout, and achieving greater satisfaction and engagement. Because at CSE, we believe every organization has the potential to create, evolve and sustain a positive and productive service culture.

Oftentimes, organizations come to us with an idea of what isn’t working and seek advice on how to “turn it around”.  They can recognize the symptoms, but fall short in being able to identify the root causes for their challenges. The New Year is the perfect time to assess your organization, pinpoint successes and opportunities, identify their root causes, and create a strategic action plan for organizational improvement.  

In your strategy - be sure to assess areas such as communication, leadership, process efficiency, learning and development, employee and customer satisfaction, and how they ALL measure up to your mission and values statements...it's worth the effort! 

Check out CSE’s eC2® model for ideas on organizational development strategy and look for more on CSE’s 3 steps to an organizational development strategy on our next post!

Until then, here are some great reads to tide you over…happy reading!