The Road to A Better Guest Experience

A positive customer airport experience starts well before getting to the terminal.  Whether traveler or employee, efficient and safe roadway operations are critical to an airport's success. All airport visitors expect safe and efficient roadway operations even as volumes increase, but often the design and capacity of the terminal and landside infrastructure cannot maintain those expectations.  

Recomposure Areas Improve Airport Guest Experience

Recomposure area (noun):  an area found at the boundaries of TSA security where one can restore composure or calmness.

Last week while traveling to LAX, I found myself outside the TSA security area leaning against an airport directory trying to fix my sandal strap.  In front of me were a half dozen people juggling carry ons and briefcases, trying to “readjust”themselves post-secuity, with purse straps sliding off shoulders and cell phones tumbling to the floor through open-weave benches. All this “readjustment”happening just as anxiety ramps up to get to our gate on time.  UGH.  No wonder why they call this a “pain point”in travel.