Happy Halloween From Customer Service Experts

Teams that PLAY together STAY together. 

Creating a cohesive, productive team is no easy task-yet it can be accomplished when you keep your eye on the goal. Virtues such as trust, communication, contribution, collaboration and passion are all essentials for team building.  But what about team strengthening? 

At CSE, we have built a top-notch team of experts, and we work at strengthening that team every day.  How you ask?  Well, this week, we worked on the fun aspect of our team.  It is Halloween week afterall. 

No Time For Airport Employee Training? Try Microlearning!

One of the most common responses we hear from managers in the airports we serve is:

“We are understaffed and we can’t afford to send our employees to classroom training.” 

Although the managers we work with do realize that an informed and upskilled employee is worth their weight in gold, it is often difficult to make time for employees to reach that goal.