Why Mystery Shopping Will Help You Spend Your Dollars Wisely...

Will all of the talk about fiscal cliffs, sequestration and tax hikes lately, it is more important than ever to ensure your dollars and other resources are being spent wisely.  Households and organizations across the nation are pinching their pennies and scrubbing their budgets in order to ensure that nothing is wasted.  Recently, you and your teams have likely asked yourself questions:

Join the Culture Club!

In February of 1984, Culture Club reached #1 in the Billboard charts with their smash hit "Karma Chameleon".  I loved the Culture Club...I am a girl of the ‘80’s, go figure!  I danced many a time to that song and never imagined that I would have such a connection to the group in my professional years. Ok, the connection may be only slight…So, through our work, we help companies shape their own positive service culture-not exactly what Boy George and the gang were doing in the “80’s…but hey, they helped define the “culture” of the 1980’s with their music.